Christmas in St. Joes! đŸŽ…

Thanks to the Parents Association for coming in to St. Joes over the weekend to put up these amazing Christmas decorations! The boys were delighted and we’re all feeling the Christmas spirit 😊🎄🎅

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TĂĄ an Nollaig ag teacht!

BhĂ­ sceitimĂ­nĂ­ ar na buachaillĂ­ maidin De Luain nuair a chonaic siad na maisiĂșchĂĄin sa scoil. FĂ©achann na maisiĂșchĂĄingo hĂĄlainn. TĂĄ crainn Nollag, stocaĂ­, soilse agus mainsĂ©ar le feiceĂĄil ann. TĂĄimid an bhuĂ­och do na tuismitheoirĂ­ as an obair iontach a rinne siad. Go raibh mĂ­le maith agaibh!

The boys were excited on Monday morning when they saw the decorations in school. The decorations look lovely! There are Christmas trees, stockings, lights and a manger to be seen. We’re very grateful to the parents for the wonderful work they did. Thank you all very much!

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Young Artists in the making!

The 6th class students researched lots of famous artists including:

Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Giuseppe Acrimboldo, Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Banksy. Then they presented their findings in superb PowerPoint Presentations. Fantastic work boys!👏

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Marine Explorers in 6th Class!

The boys in 6th presented top class research projects on marine animals to scientists in the lifetime Lab and received fabulous certificates. Well done boys!

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Pink Day in St Joe’s (Dul Siar DĂ©ardaoin)

Last month our school raised money for cancer research by hosting a pink day and a 5k walk on October 22nd.

Maith sibh gach duine!

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6th Class presentations on famous Artists!

The boys in 6th class presented incredible PowerPoint presentations on: Monet, Acrimboldo, Kadinsky, Picasso, Warhol and Banksy.

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Bacteria in petri dishes

Measuring bacteria growth in petri dishes in 4th class.

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September and October Activities in 5th Class

The boys in Rang a CĂșig have had a very busy start to the term. They have completed a block of gymnastics lessons as well as a few weeks of GAA training. They welcomed back three past pupils who have won minor and u20 All Ireland medals with Cork. There was great excitement when the boys wore pink to school and ran 5km in the yard in support of Breast Cancer Ireland.

The boys have been making great use of our class laptops and iPads for typing, research and their new Spellings for Me programme. As part of the Children’s Book Festival, the class had very interesting zoom calls with authors David Walliams and Melissa Shiels.

One of the most exciting activities was becoming part of the BodhrĂĄn Bookills, with some excellent socially-distanced peer tutoring from the pupils of 6th Class.

Well done to the 7 boys who won Principal’s Awards during the first few months.

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Guitar Classes

There are Guitar Classes available again in St Joseph NS. There will be 5-6 students per class and the classes are 45 minutes each – there is a Covid protocol in place for the classes – available closer to the starting date.

The children learn how read sheet music and other methods of guitar music notation, playing melodies, chords and other advanced ways of playing the instrument. The students are introduced to a large variety of styles, songs and pieces the children like and enjoy playing – which makes practising much easier, motivating and rewarding.

I also teach classical guitar to students who have an interest or develop an interest in the subject after the boys have developed a good skill basis, which makes it easier to learn the classical methods.

There are a number of classes available for students of different levels. So if a child has already played for a year or so, he/she will not have to go through all the beginners stages again – I will be able to offer a group at the appropriate level.

For further information please get in touch.

Joerg Micansky has over 20 years of teaching experience of all age groups – he is living in Cork since 2004. He has studied classical guitar and piano in Muenster University in Germany and is a fully qualified teacher. He also runs a recording studio in Cork called French Quarter Studios ( and is a music producer and published songwriter with international releases.

Joerg Micansky Mobile: 086 312 8457 Email : joerg_micansky@yahoo.combsite.

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Corn an Domhain T20

Thosaigh Corn an Domhain sa ChrĂșicĂ©ad T20 i rith na seachtaine.

Is Ă© T20 nĂĄ foirm tapaidh den spĂłirt. ImrĂ­tear 20 cor babhlĂĄla. De ghnĂĄth imrĂ­tear 50 cor babhlĂĄla i gcluiche idirnĂĄisiĂșnta lĂĄ amhĂĄin. Leanann mĂłrchluiche ar feadh 5 lĂĄ!

Bhuaigh Eireann i gcoinne an ÍsiltĂ­r ar an Luan. ThĂłg Curtis Campher ceithre gheaitĂ­n. Is Ă© Andrew Balbirnie captain na foirne.  Imreoidh Éireann i gcoinne Sri Lanka inniĂș ar a 3 a clog. Imreoidh an Ind i gcoinne an PhacastĂĄin ar an Domhnach.  

Corn an Domhain sa ChrĂșicĂ©ad T20 T20 Cricket World Cup
Cor babhlĂĄlaOvers
cluiche idirnĂĄisiĂșnta lĂĄ amhĂĄinOne Day International
MĂłrchluicheTest Match
an Ísiltír  Netherlands
gheaitín Wickets
an Ind   India
an Phacaståin   Pakistan
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