Principal’s Awards


Maith sibh!!

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Senior Infants in Space!

We started Aistear last week and our first theme was Space. We have been learning about the Sun and the planets in our Solar System.

During Aistear we made a space rocket, we pretended we were astronauts going to Space, and we created Space paintings and pictures at the Art table. We also read some books about Space and we wrote some words from the books.

Here are some pictures to show you what we did 🙂

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The first few weeks in Junior Infants!

It has been an exciting few weeks in Junior Infants and we have been very busy.

We love Aistear and during September we did lots of play around the theme ‘All About Me’. We painted self-portraits and hand prints inspired by Andy Warhol, built houses, practised our cutting and dressed up as a family during role play. We are getting to know one another really well. We are so happy to have these boys in our school!

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing in class!

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Rugby on the banks of the Lee!

We had a great evening after school today for sport. There was a great turnout for tag rugby training. The participation and effort from the boys in 5th and 6th was excellent.

Bhí tráthnóna den scoth againn in ndiadh am scoile inniú do spóirt. D’imir an chuid buachaillí R5 and R6 . Bhíodar go hiontach chn páirt a ghlacadh.

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Genius Hour in Rang a 6!

The boys in sixth class have been working on a variety of projects in the last four weeks. They each picked something they were curious about. They engaged in enquiry-based learning called ‘Genius Hour’ and spent fifteen minutes each night from Monday to Thursday researching the topic for four weeks. They found out very interesting information about a variety of questions from ‘What is Sleep Hygiene?’ to ‘Is Fortnite addictive and if so , why?’. We are looking forward to hearing more project presentations next week.


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Cogadh Chonsól! (Suirbhé as Gaeilge)

Bhailigh R1 data ar chonsól na páistí sa rang.

An bhfuil XBox agat? 7rl

Tá PS4 agam.   7

Tá XBox agam. 8

Tá Switch agam. 3

Níl consól agam.  9

Console Wars! (Survey in Irish)

First Class collected data on consoles in the class.

Do you have an XBox?


I have a PS4: 7

I have an Xbox: 8

I have a Switch: 3

I don’t have a console: 9



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Windmill experiment.

It was windy outside this week so First Class built windmills today to investigate whether a small or a large wheel spins faster.

After some discussion, a little bit of tricky construction and Mr. O’Sullivan poking his thumb with a pin six times, they tested the spinners outside.

The wind was strong enough to spin the big one 13 times in a minute but the small one was too fast to count!

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