Guitar Classes

Guitar classes
Guitar classes are available for children from first class on. Classes aim to teach this fantastic sociable instrument in an enjoyable way, so that the children ‘want to play’ rather than being ‘pushed to play’. The children learn how read sheet music and other methods of guitar music notation, playing melodies, chords and other advanced ways of playing the instrument.

The boys are  introduced to a large variety of styles, songs and pieces the boys like and enjoy playing – which makes practicing much easier, motivating and rewarding.

I also teach classical guitar to students who have an interest or develop an interest in the subject after the boys have developed a good skill basis, which makes it easier to learn  the classical methods.

There are a number of classes available for students of different levels. So if a boy has already played for a year or so, he will not have to go through all the beginners stages again – I will place him with a group which will enable him to develop his abilities.

Classes are held on Wednesdays after school.

Joerg Micansky has over 20 years of teaching experience of all age groups – he is living in Cork since 2004. He has studied classical guitar and piano in Muenster University in Germany and is a fully qualified teacher. He also runs a recording studio in Cork called French Quarter Studios ( and is a music producer and published songwriter with international releases.

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