Rang a 2 learning to play Cricket

This week Ireland completed it’s first ever test cricket match. With impeccable timing, Jimmy came to school to teach the boys the game of cricket. “Jimmeny Cricket” (as he like to be called) introduced the boys to runs, batting and fielding. Next week we will start bowling.

Thanks Jimmy, for such a great lesson!

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4th Class History Projects

Following their entry into the Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project 2018, 4th class completed a number of projects on different aspects of Cork’s rich heritage (built, natural and cultural).   Some of the projects received awards for best projects and the prize giving ceremony happened in the City Hall in recent weeks.  Their photos appeared in the Echo.  We are very proud of all the boys who submitted projects…the boys displayed excellent team work and research skills.


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1st Class are Learning about Capacity

1st class boys really enjoyed exploring the topic of “Capacity” in Maths.
They had great fun practising their estimation skills while learning about Litres and Millilitres.


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St. Joe’s Awarded the 5th Green Flag

A huge congratulations to the Green School Committee for obtaining their 5th Green School flag for St. Joseph’s which was awarded for Biodiversity!

The boys worked really hard with the help of Ms. Kelleher, Mary Porter and Br. Ben, planting a variety of plants, herbs, and vegetables in the school garden.
They built an “Insect Hotel” to attract lots of flying and crawling insects and they placed a “Hogitat” near the base of the trees as a home for mammals like hedgehogs.

Mr. Clarke helped the boys to build a bird table and to place bird-feeders outside in order to attract birds like Robins, Thrushes, Blackbirds, Wagtails into the school garden.
The Green School Committee also organised “Biodiversity Surveys”, “Bug Hunts” and “Bird-Watching sessions” for each class.
They planned exciting “Sketching Competitions” and “Essay writing Competitions” for the junior, middle and senior classes.
The winners of the Green School Competitions won great prizes: Science kits, Art kits, Soccer balls and Rugby balls. Well done Ms. Kelleher, Mary Porter and all the boys! 👍


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An alternative to footballs…

The 4th class boys chose to play with hoops today.  They had great fun twirling, rolling and throwing them.  Hooping has become a popular fitness activity in recent years.

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Yard Fundraiser

A huge thank you to all the parents who have contributed to the yard fund.  Just over €7,000 has been raised so far.  The money raised from the Sponsored Walk in June will also go towards the yard fund.

IMG_7158 (1)

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Principal’s Awards

These eight boys were chosen this week to receive the Principal’s Award as they have been working hard in class all week.  They are reliable and trustworthy and always do their best.  They had a chat over a hot chocolate in celebration.  Maith sibh.

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