Upcoming Events

Different classes will be taking part in the Gaelic Football Blitzes on different days in Bishopstown GAA Cub 12pm – 1pm.

Wednesday 24th May: 4th Class

Wednesday 31st May 3rd Class

Wednesday 7th June: 2nd Class

The hurling blitzes will take place on the following days in :

Thursday 8th June: 4th Class

Wednesday 21st June: 2nd Class

Friday 26th May: 4th class production of ‘Babbling Banshees’ will be held in Mardyke House at 1 pm.

School Tours

Friday 26th of May: 2nd class school tour

Monday 29th May: 6th class school tour

Tuesday 30th May: 3rd class school tour

Thursday 1st June: junior infant school tour

Tuesday 6th June: 4th class school tour

Tuesday 6th June: 1st class school tour

Wednesday 7th June: 5th class school tour

Thursday 8th June: senior infant school tour

City Sports Day: Thursday 1st June.  Parents are welcome to attend.

Colm Cooper Cup in Killarney (6th class will be going) will be held on Friday 2nd June

School Sponsored Walk organised by the PA will take place on Friday 9th June.

School Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 13th June.  All parents welcome to attend.

6th Class Graduation Mass will be held in the Sacred Heart Church at 12pm on the 21st of June.  All parents are invited to attend.